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Partisan Cats NFT
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9999 NFT
Partisan Cats Project summery

A brand from the start we are committed to build SARBONI into brand recognized around the world. With a small team of experienced multi-national designers, programmers and developers. We are starting our first 2000 NFT collection named “JUTI” as a free-mint that will give members and token holders access to our community and members only benefits. We will build trust. And then we will build a brighter far better future for sake of humanity. It’s an invitation to Sarboni Universe, a Where there is no limit but our imagination. There is no enemy or war. It will serve as a startup feed to launch our second finished 9999 NFT collection

Partisan Cats Collection Design Technic

All NFTs are digitally hand-drawn avatars immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain and tailored specifically for each project. I use illustrator a vector graphics editor and a design program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc.
Order and number of layers in more than 500 pieces

Main Background

80 Leyer

Dust Background

20 Leyer


50 Leyer

Sleeve Patch

20 Leyer

Shemagh Scarf

20 Leyer


85 Leyer

Military Vest

24 Leyer

Face Mask

10 Leyer

Military Helmet

80 Leyer

Primary Weapon

98 Leyer


10 Leyer

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